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Reaper is an immersive horror-drama game featuring the members of BTS.
You play as Nora, a girl who finds herself stuck in a creepy,
dark carnival with seven boys who all appear to hate each other.
The only way to escape is to kill them.


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Is Reaper a visual novel?

No. There are some similar elements such as a story-driven plot and dialogue
options to choose from, but unlike a visual novel, you must walk around the
carnival and interact with the environment and characters in order for the
story to progress, making it much more immersive than a visual novel.

Is there a playable demo out yet?

Not yet - it’s coming soon, though. Follow us to stay posted!

Is Reaper free to play?

YES! It will be completely FREE to download and play.

How long is Reaper?

The game should take approximately 1 hr to complete.



We are Nightmare & Co, a game dev crew, and we’re thrilled to
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Moon and Koi
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